Information on Shipping

If you need to send a firearm to Custom Cartridges from anywhere in New Zealand, please contact us so we can negotiate the most cost-effective rate with our providers. Please note: Ammunition must be freighted in a separate parcel to firearms.

We are part of the NZ Firearm Dealer Network and only send firearms from dealer to dealer.

Sending/receiving firearms

It is not possible to have firearms delivered to a residential address. If you have purchased a firearm elsewhere and are collecting it from Custom Cartridges, or if we send it to another dealer on your behalf, a $20 administration fee applies.

Packaging guidelines

  1. Choose a good quality box
    Use a double walled box, especially for deliveries that contain fragile items.
  2. Choose the right sized box
    Boxes that are too small may not protect their contents adequately. Boxes that are too large are likely to collapse if another parcel is placed on top of it during delivery.
  3. Protect your items
    Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam and newspaper can all be used to protect your items.
  4. Wrap each item individually
    When sending multiple items within one box, it’s recommended that each item is wrapped individually. This offers better protection and reduces movement.
  5. Seal the parcel with packing tape
    Seal all open edges of the parcel with wide tape on both the top and bottom of your package to ensure it doesn’t open during transit.
  6. Label your parcel
    Always use clear, accurate address labels on your parcels. If you are reusing boxes, ensure no previous labels or markings are visible.