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Replacement Magazine Spring

Material: Stainless steel.

Custom made for Rossi Model 92 and Winchester Model 92.

We can help you get it fitted, too.

Price: $32

Cable Spike Cartridges

Not all cartridges are used for hunting or shooting sports. Have you heard of cable spike cartridges? They are used by power companies. When fired, it drives a steel spike through high voltage electricity cables. That short circuits the power and makes the cable dead, which means it’s safe to work on.

Custom Cartridges can provide the following cable spike cartridges:               

Caliber Colour   Suggested uses
.44’’RedHeavy charge for armored cables over 85mm with standard cable spiker and up to 150 mm with heavy-duty spiker
.44’’Green Medium charge for plain covered cables and for armored cables up 85 mm diameter
.44’’SilverLight charge for all aluminum sheated cables up to 300 mm2
.44’’YellowExtra light charge for small polymetric type cables having no outer metallised sheath

Please note. There is no minimum order quantity. Contact Mark Bridgman McMillan for more information and cost.